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Want a carpet?

August 18, 2008

The car pulled up beside us and a smiling  face said  “Ah, bonjour” as if we were old acquaintances. A hand was proferred through the window.

Trying to place the chap, I shook his hand and Bear did likewise. We both thought the other one knew him.

But then he started his patter. His story was that his friend had had an accident near Metz “You know where that is don’t you?” and he had been selling his carpets for him.

“I’ve just got one left. You can have it at a very good price.”

“No thank you.”

“But WHY don’t you want my carpet?”

“We have a person in a wheelchair at home. A carpet wouldn’t be practical.”

Fortunately he didn’t have an answer for this so wished us good day and drove on,  presumably in search of his next victim.