Grrrr Bear (continued)

This morning Bear apologised for shouting at me and gave me this excuse:

“I really thought it would be helpful to set up the printer next to my computer to save you bending down to do it underneath yours.”

At first, I took it at face value and believed him.

Then I started thinking.

If that really had been his intention why didn’t he say something when he saw that it involved installing software on his computer?

OK, so he could say he didn’t understand the implications.

But, when I asked whether he had the disc to install his old one on mine, surely that would have rung alarm bells. Instead, he just asked why I couldn’t simply plug it in and use it.

So, Bear has his beautifully plausible explanation to excuse himself for pinching the present he’d just  “bought me” and I don’t have concrete proof that it was intentional – just a very strong suspicion.

Nevertheless, fate caught up with him today.

We walked down to the garage to collect the replacement for the broken lights (when he backed into the wood) and he had to pay 141 euros. This was because he didn’t notice that they had given him the whole fitting – not just the plastic cover. I mean, Sylvain took it out of the box to explain how to fix it and he didn’t notice, so, although I sympathise (to a certain extent) he’ll have to go and do his own complaining if he wants.

He’ll have to be quick, though. The garage closes for the holiday tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Grrrr Bear (continued)”

  1. BearNaked Says:

    May I be permitted a slight little smile about Bear’s problem.
    (I would hate to say he deserved it, but in my mind I’ll be thinking he did.)

    Have a nice holiday–what holiday is celebrated tomorrow?

    Bear((( )))

    it’s the garage that’s closing for a couple of weeks. And, yes, you’re allowed a smile – I had a broad grin!

  2. Little old me Says:

    I am smiling too


  3. Pat Says:

    He really had that coming. and was his remark to the visitor about her tan entirely innocent?

    I can’t be sure about the remark, Pat. He has been known to make racist comments – especially when Jay invited a couple of friends he had met in America to stay with us – one girl was black and the other was Russian. That was so bad they went to stay with another friend of ours. It’s difficult to know whether he made life uncomfortable because it involved friends of my children. Anyway, it was back then that I started planning to leave him.

  4. Susie Vereker Says:

    Words fail me. Does he read this, by the way?!

    No, he doesn’t know about the blog – I hope!!!

  5. Kay Says:

    Men! You can’t live with ’em and you can’t sell ’em for parts!!!! LOL

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