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A Loaded Invitation

July 28, 2008

  This was the idyllic setting for a barbeque. The hedge has grown since our last visit to this house so you can no longer see the Meuse but the towering hills of the Ardennes are a wonderful sight to enjoy as you have an al fresco meal.

We were invited for Sunday lunch because they had a favour to ask; would we help their younger son with his English during August?

After a champagne aperitif and plenty of food and friendly conversation it was impossible to say no. But when I realised they meant Quentin to stay with us for several days at a time I began to see a few problems.

As far as I’m concerned it would be a pleasure. This young man, now 17, was the tiny baby we looked after when his uncle had a heart attack almost at the same time as we arrived in the village to stay in the holiday home belonging to another of his aunts.

The whole family went into shock. People rushed hither and thither and his mum pushed the baby into my arms  with breathless instructions for finding bottles and nappies etc. and disappeared in the car.

Sadly the uncle died and we went to stay in our friends’  ‘real’ house in Charleville, leaving the family to grieve and organise the funeral in the village.

So now, we are going to be left ‘holding the baby’ again, so to speak. Bear is a bit grumpy about it, especially as I don’t know how long he’s going to be with us. We kind of arranged that they would bring him next Sunday evening and we’d ‘see how it goes’. . . . . .

CC and Jay are sympathetic as they realise the poor lad probably doesn’t want to come and live with an English family whom he doesn’t know very well but they do feel it is a bit of an imposition.

As far as I’m concerned, I enjoy having visitors but am aware that some of the work will fall on CC and Jay’s shoulders if my knee doesn’t improve soon. We are all looking forward to meeting Sophie with Chris and Chaddy on Friday and some more friends are coming to stay at the end of August. Trouble is, I can’t be sure what will happen with Quentin in between.

It looks as though next month is going to be ‘interesting’.