Prime Suspect

Some time ago we noticed that the ‘second telly’ – the one I use to watch French TV – was behaving badly. The colour came and went and sometimes the picture narrowed. 

This week we decided to take it to be repaired. The man put it on his bench and connected it while we were there.

“Strange,” he mused, “ir’s not a fault I’ve seen before. Leave it with me and I’ll ring you within 48 hours.”

Yesterday he telephoned to say he could repair it for 75 euros. It was not as bad as he had feared but ‘did we have a cat because they had found evidence of liquid. . . .?’

“You mean a cat has done a pee in the television?” I asked.

“Erm, yes. It’s quite possible.”

“Well we do have six of them so it’s highly likely.”

We collected it today and the man explained how he had cleaned it all inside.

“Our repairs are guaranteed for three months,” he announced as we left.

“Even against cats?”

“No, sorry!”

So who’s the guilty party I wonder.

                            Parsley likes sitting on the computer monitor,



or in the laundry basket.






The twins prefer to share an armchair.






Chloe likes a radiator.





Toby patrols to keep all the girls in order,



but suspect number one is Holly, as she spends quite a lot of time on the boxes behind the television.

7 Responses to “Prime Suspect”

  1. tillylil Says:

    My bet is Holly but then again…….
    One of them has been marking their territory.

    Holly has been known to have her own ideas about toilet facilities. I think the others put her off using the litter trays somehow.

  2. BearNaked Says:

    Have you noticed that this post and the one before it are on the same subject. Pee——laughing loudly here.

    Bear((( )))

    Oh dear, yes, and they say never a second wihout a third . . .

  3. Keith Says:

    My money is on Holly. Can you see that evil glint in her eyes and the self-satisfied smirk on her face?

    How right you are, Keith. They say cats’ can’t change their expressions but all of ours can!

  4. Little old me Says:

    I am sorry, but this did make me laugh

    Don’t apologise. I thought it was funny too – especially as Bear paid the bill!

  5. Zuleme Says:

    Holly does have the guilty look. They can stop each other from using the litter box in subtle ways, I have read, like guarding the box so another one can’t go it. If Holly is uncomfortable with it for some reason then she is finding a place she can go.
    With six you have all kinds of intereactions. Have you read the Little Cat Diaries?

    No, I haven’t read that, Zuleme. I’ll look out for a copy. Poor Holly is unpopular with the others. The twins bully her and she bullies Chloe and Parsley. I haven’t actually seen anyone bar her from using the litter tray but they do stop her from going where she wants sometimes. She and Toby get on well and are the only ones who seem to like using the ‘outside toilet’. The others play outside and then come in to use the trays. Cats are such fascinating creatures aren’t they?

  6. Pat Says:

    How are you gong to guard against it and if you find a working cat repellent I’m interested as the cat opposite craps in our drive.
    When I lived in Kent the cat next door used to sit on our TV and I was told it was because of the warmth.

    We have put a plastic sheet over the tv while it’s not in use! I have seen cat and dog repellent sprays advertised but have never tried them. Hope you find something to discourage the neighbour’s cat. It’s very bad-mannered of him not to bury his poo.

  7. guyana gyal Says:

    Pee hee hee. Sorry Sab, I couldn’t resist. I need cat repellent too, there’s a cat [not ours] who thinks that our garden is his loo.

    Yes, it is funny but I do sympathise when someone else’s cat uses your garden as a toilet.

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