What a Week

It has been a week of minor mishaps but nothing too serious.

The first sign of problems was on Wednesday when I went to see Yvette and had to rush to the loo very frequently for the sake of just a few drops. I suspected something like cystitis but couldn’t see how to fit in a doctor’s appointment until after my sister’s visit. 

On Thursday, in between wetting my knickers several times and having to change my clothes, I did the last minute jobs with CC and Jay to prepare the guest room and have a tidy round.

My sister and her husband arrived in their ‘new’ car – a silver sports model – and relaxed with a cool beer.

That evening we had a drawn out meal with lots of wine and chat and went to bed about midnight.

At around 2 in the morning Jay woke me up.

“Come upstairs. Mum, I want you to see this.”

I staggered out of bed and followed him up to his room. It was a very strange sight indeed: two tall shelves of CDs had keeled over and knocked the television off its table so that it went through the venetian blind. One shelf unit had dislodged a socket from the wall on the way down.

“Did you hear anything?” asked Jay.

“No, but I was fast asleep.” was my reply (and I have been known to sleep through the noisiest of storms).

“Well, it must have made a helluva noise – and I didn’t hear anything either.” he said. “I just woke up naturally, got up to go to the loo and found this mess.”

He was obviously quite spooked to think that this could have happened without him being aware of it. However, we put everything back in place as best we could, propping the shelves up with another table in case they decided to fall sideways again, and went back to bed.

The next morning Jay fixed the shelves to the wall with a bracket and, to our amazement, the television still worked! The blind will need replacing and we’ll have to repair the hole in the wall by the socket but it could have been much worse.

When my brother-in-law came down for a late breakfast he announced that my sister had been very sick all night and could he have a bucket and mop please. Oh dear. We must have opened (and drunk!) too many bottles of wine.

Wendy remained ‘fragile’ for another 24 hours and as Roger was content to stay home and watch the golf I was quite relieved not to have to venture far from the toilet myself.

We did manage a short trip to the supermarket but we were all pleased to get back.

On Saturday Bear was out of sorts so Roger took our car to drive Wendy and CC into town. They went on the ferris wheel and had a look round the shops – a good sign that Wendy was feeling back to normal.

Sadly, they had to go home on Sunday. Wendy brought the bags down and left Roger to load the car. They only had room to bring two bags but there was a third for the return journey. Roger left one behind! Fortunately it didn’t contain anything urgently needed for the journey but the next day we posted off his shaver, Wendy’s glasses, an inhaler and a book and documents for the car.

She said her slippers, make-up and toiletries could stay behind for their next visit and we could eat the sweets and biscuits!

So, finally it was off to the doctor’s on Monday. She agreed it seemed like a urinary infection and gave me a prescription for an analysis but put me on antibiotics straight away.

It wasn’t easy to get the sample into the small bottle provided by the chemist. It’s bad enough under normal circumstances but when you’re either rushing to get there before you ‘have an accident’ or else struggling to produce more than a few drops, following the instructions for a ‘midstream sample’ proved impossible.

I had to fill the bottle in three goes; probably not what was intended but the best I could do. It also had to be returned to the chemist before the ‘collection’ at 11.30.

Today I went to get the results. Yes, they had found unwanted bugs but according to the list of antibiotics these particular little beasties were resistant to the ones the doctor had given me. Today is her day off so I had to see the locum for her partner (as he is on holiday).

He gave me a new prescription but warned me that there could be a bad reaction if I go out in the sun.

Great. After a week of grey clouds and drizzle the sun has finally come out and I’m confined to the house.

13 Responses to “What a Week”

  1. johng Says:

    Hope you get things sorted out soon! xx

    thanks johng xx

  2. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Never a dull moment. eh, Sandy!

    You could say that, Derek. Certainly the timing wasn’t very helpful.

  3. BearNaked Says:

    Oh you poor thing.
    Yes those *mid stream samples* are difficult tasks.
    At least they didn’t call you back to say that there wasn’t enough in the bottle. They ALWAYS call me back.
    Still in much pain here from my shoulder surgery.
    Hope the new medication works for you. I had to take something similar when I was having my urinary problems.

    Bear((( )))

    Oh I’m sorry to hear you are still in pain.
    As for the sample, I couldn’t get enough in in one go!

  4. lilalia Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Must be very disconcerting. Can’t quite figure out whether that visit of your sister and her husband counts as a success?

    neither can I really, lilalia, but it was good to see each other.

  5. Keith Says:

    I hope you are feeling a bit better now.

    I had a problem this week. RATS! But with a good gun, a bit of patience, and a spade I think I got rid of them. Its the waste food lying about on the picnic tables at the pub next door that attracts them.

    Looks like you’ll have to train Max to catch rats when he grows up!!
    Seriously, though, rats are the last thing you want roaming around in your garden, especially with a puppy about. Hope you’ve seen them off successfully.

  6. millie garfield Says:

    Good thing the doctor told you to stay out of the sun while on the new meds.

    A friend of mine took something similar, was in the sun and boy did she suffer.

    Feel better.

    Thanks for the warning, Millie. I’ll be careful.

  7. Richard Says:

    Oh Sandy, what a rotten time you’ve had. At least you got to enjoy some time with your visitors. And thank goodness the TV was saved!

    Yes, that was one piece of good luck.

  8. Sara Says:

    Hi Sandy, NOW I know why you haven’t checked in to the exercise group in a while! What a crazy series of events! Sorry you have to stay inside but hopefully it won’t be for long…

    Thanks Sara. I’ve just posted my excuses on elderexercise!

  9. Little old me Says:

    What a few days you have had! Hope you are feeling better soon, drink lots of water and flush the bugs away

    Yes, I’m having plenty of water. I’m also hoping to get my knee sorted soon.

  10. Sophie Says:

    Hope you get better Sandy.
    Can you find cranberry juice in France? That’s supoosed to help a lot.
    The CD racks episode is really spooky…
    Is there anything we can bring you back from England?
    Looking forward to seeing you next week!

    Yes, we’re all looking forward to meeting you.

  11. Pat Says:

    I’m sorry the week was such a chapter of minor disasters but Sandy it made great reading.
    Hope the waterworks is better soon. Keep up your fluid intake – clear, of course and although I don’t particularly like, it I drink cranberry juice every morning which I firmly believe helps prevent that sort of trouble.

    Yes, Pat, I’m going to look for cranberry juice next time I go to the supermarket. I’m not finding I have to run to the loo quite so urgently now thank goodness.

  12. Claude Says:

    As they say, it doesn’t rain but it pours! I’m sure everything will get fixed soon and you’ll be your old self. Postponing the doctor when having a urinary infection may not have been the best idea, though, visitors or not! 😉
    Take care, Sandy!

    You’re right, Claude, I should have see the doctor sooner. Actually I phoned on Saturday morning but there were no spaces so I had to hang on till Monday.

  13. guyana gyal Says:

    Urinary tract infection can be so painful! Hope you’re better soon. Lots and lots of water to help flush it out…so a doc. told me.

    Thanks, G-G. I’m feeling much better now – and still drinking plenty of water.

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