Ups and Downs

It’s over a week since I posted and that seems a long time.

However, during that ten days I have discovered that I could be heading for a depression and decided to sort myself out.

It’s true, I have felt more tired and irritable lately and noticed a lack of energy. As it happened, I had to see the doctor about a painful ankle and found myself complaining about all this as well. She knows all about the domestic situation and said it was probably stress related and maybe even the start of a depression.

That was enough to wake me up and spur me into action. I hate taking tablets of any kind but do not want to go onto anti-depressants thank you very much.

She examined my ankle and said it was a problem with circulation related to varicose veins. Well, that cheered me up didn’t it! She prescribed some enormous pink tablets (which I have to crush with a rolling pin and mix with yoghurt becasue there’s no way I could swallow them whole), a cream to rub in and support socks (truly designed to make you feel young and elegant- eh?).

The final blow came when I tried to put the socks on. Had my legs grown longer so that my feet were too far away? No. The plain truth was that my stomach was too fat for me to reach without twisting my already painful knee into contortions not achieved for many years.

So, here was something to take my mind off stress related topics. A diet – a decision to eat sensibly NOW – not next week, or after my sister’s visit, or even tomorrow. Right now, this minute.

As a gourmande (rather than a goumet) I hate dieting but have to confess that I have been comfort eating lately and put on even more unwanted kilos, despite trying to stop nibbling in the evenings. 

So now there is a poster in the kitchen brightly proclaiming all the right foods. I’m going to have to take it one day at a time but I really must make the effort.

Wish me luck!

13 Responses to “Ups and Downs”

  1. Little old me Says:

    Best of luck, I am having to cook low fat now hubby is not too well. I always used to cook low fat at one time, so it’s just a case of getting back into it.

    Why do women find it easier to accomodate men’s diets while if they are on a diet themselves they still have to provide the usual food for their husband(s)?

  2. tillylil Says:

    Gosh that will be hard with the gourmet culture in France but you have managed to lose weight before.

    Could Elaine help you with a remedy for the depression?

    I think any one would be easily depressed with what you have to put up with so don’t feel bad – take a day at a time and find at least one positive thing.
    take care

    The only way I lost weight before was by having two liquid meals a day and vegetables in the evening. I stuck it for a year and lost over two stone but I couldn’t go through that again, especially preparing meals for everyone else. I’d give in sooner or later. As you say, the food here is pretty hard to resist too.

  3. Zuleme Says:

    I lost over ten pounds (and three inches) from skiing so much last winter and watching my diet. It can be done and it does make you feel so much better. I highly recommend a comfortable exercise bike and an ipod with books to listen to. I do half an hour every morning and it has become a great peaceful time for me. Then I stretch while my husband checks the cat fence and waters plants. Then we get together for breakfast. Gives a gentle start to the day. And people need to learn to leave you alone while you do it.

    Your situation honestly, would drive me insane and I really hope you will find a way to feel better. You have to remember to take care of yourself. You seem to be the kind of person who is always taking care of others and you have two adult children at home also.
    My mother lives with three adult children in various stages of denial about growing up. I am really glad she doesn’t have a couple of ex husbands around also!

    Thanks for your support and advice. I do have an exercise bike but have to be careful when my knee is playing up. As for skiing – well I think it’s too late to start now.
    Hope there’s some news about that gorgeous family of cats soon. I do hope they can stay together.

  4. Z Says:

    At our age, it’s important to eat healthily and nutritiously so please don’t try to lose weight too quickly. Somewhere between a kilo a month and a stone in a year is quite enough (my doctor recommended the latter, but I’ve been managing the former so far, just about). Low fat and low sugar and never the two together does it for me. Last time I dieted I didn’t eat much meat but I don’t think that would be healthy for me now and I eat plenty of yoghurt too. I don’t eat much cheese, which is the hardest part, but never eating cakes, biscuits or chocolate is fine – since I have forbidden them (almost entirely) it is no temptation. If I had just a little bit, a second slice would be harder to resist.

    It is difficult to take more exercise when it hurts – at least I can cycle. I found that it really did help, I suppose by speeding up my metabolism a bit, although I only cycle for between 4 and 8 kilometres most days, which isn’t all that far (and is on the flat mostly, I hate hills).

    And I think your family doesn’t look after you half enough. Maybe it’s because you are always so strong and they take that for granted. I think that anti-depressants might relieve the symptoms for a while, but friends have found that after a while they don’t work so well but that they have become reliant on them just to function – and if the cause is still there, they are just patching up an ever-widening hole. I really think that they could make matters worse and that your whole family needs to discuss and agree on a longer-term way to help you.

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    z: thanks for your lovely reply. I so agree that if you have that first slice the rest is almost impossible to resist. Don’t worry I’m determined not to feel hungry on this diet as that would be very bad for my mood. The plan I have put up on the wall includes lots of fruit, vegetables fish and yoghurt and small quantities of meat, bread, feculants etc. They also suggest you treat yourself to one patisserie per week. (It’s obviously a French diet sheet).
    The children do help but as Bear makes them feel uncomfortable in the ‘living area’ they spend a great deal of time in their owm rooms. I’m not one to ask people to do things. My mum always used to say “If you want a job doing, do it yourself” and I find it’s usually quicker that way!

  6. johng. Says:

    Hi, Sandy, stop eating so much, and drink more!

    Good luck! x

    Thanks john-g , I do need to drink more . . . . water!!

  7. canisfamiliaris Says:

    I’m rooting for you, Sandy! At least you had the courage to write about it! Do you feel better for that? A problem shared ….


    derek xx

    Probably, if I didn’t have an outlet in blogging I’d be completely round the bend by now, Derek. I really appreciate the support from people’s comments. Thanks.

  8. Keith Says:

    My neighbour (he’s a worse grumpy old git than me) can’t understand why I use the computer so much for blogging, designing and generally surfing. Because, like you Sandy, I think I would go round the bend living on my own if I didn’t have one! I don’t own a TV because I just can’t stand the inane crap that is dished out as “entertainment” nowadays! At least with a computer and the internet you have a vast choice of things to do.

    Regarding diets, I have found that no matter what I eat; whether it’s vegetarian or meat based, my weight has not changed for the last 10 years. If I eat small meals or gorge myself nothing changes! I have tried to starve myself and made myself ill in the process, but my weight remains the same. So now I think “Sod it! I’ll eat junk, healthy food, or whatever I fancy. After all what does it matter when your old? I might as well enjoy myself now.

    As to your depression, I’m the same. I sometimes feel that everything is too much to bear and I’ve often thought about going out into the street and throwing myself in front of a passing blonde!

    yes, I think you should try catching the attention of a passing blonde – or brunette for that matter. That would work wonders for your health.
    Lucky you to be able to eat what you like and not get fat. My sister is like that. Unfortunately my joints and other bits of me are showing the strain of extra kilos so I must do something about it.

  9. BearNaked Says:

    Good luck to you dear and know that you are not alone.
    My doctor has told me that my cholesterol level is too high and I have 3 months to get it down or he is putting me on medication (for the rest of my life.)
    So I also have started to eat healthier and to shop healthier also.
    The only downside is that it takes me twice as long to grocery shop as I have to read all the labels now.
    Good luck to us both and welcome to the sisterhood of healthier women.

    Oh, I hate having to take tablets, too. That’s a good enough incentive to eat sensibly isn’t it? I have joined the elderexercise blog and they are a very friendy bunch always happy to support and encourage you. Why not have a look?

  10. Zuleme Says:

    so, what is a feculant? Sounds unpleasant!

    Sorry, Zuleme, it may be a French word. It means more fattening vegetables like peas, pulses, potatoes – things that contain carbohydrate.

  11. Zuleme Says:

    Ah yes, we likes them!

  12. guyana gyal Says:

    When I get that way, cranky, tired, I realise that something is not right in my life, I sit down and think it out…or rather, write it down…I’m with you about tablets and so on…they’re a no no with me too.

    As for diet…Sab, just eat sensibly, TONS of veggies and fruits…here’s something I read, a nutrition doc. tells his patients to not eat after 7 pm, and nothing heavy in the evenings.

    I learnt, from reading, that weight causes pain in the back, knees and ankles.

    I wish you tons of good luck.

  13. Susie Vereker Says:

    Oh Sandy, like every one else, I am rooting for you. You have every cause to be thoroughly fed up.
    I find a brisk walk lifts my spirits but that may not be possible for you with your bad knee. I’m somewhat overweight too and bad at dieting.
    Somewhere or other, I’ve seen a gadget that helps you get those socks on, called a support hose applicator. Maybe the French doc can prescribe one.

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