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Ups and Downs

July 9, 2008

It’s over a week since I posted and that seems a long time.

However, during that ten days I have discovered that I could be heading for a depression and decided to sort myself out.

It’s true, I have felt more tired and irritable lately and noticed a lack of energy. As it happened, I had to see the doctor about a painful ankle and found myself complaining about all this as well. She knows all about the domestic situation and said it was probably stress related and maybe even the start of a depression.

That was enough to wake me up and spur me into action. I hate taking tablets of any kind but do not want to go onto anti-depressants thank you very much.

She examined my ankle and said it was a problem with circulation related to varicose veins. Well, that cheered me up didn’t it! She prescribed some enormous pink tablets (which I have to crush with a rolling pin and mix with yoghurt becasue there’s no way I could swallow them whole), a cream to rub in and support socks (truly designed to make you feel young and elegant- eh?).

The final blow came when I tried to put the socks on. Had my legs grown longer so that my feet were too far away? No. The plain truth was that my stomach was too fat for me to reach without twisting my already painful knee into contortions not achieved for many years.

So, here was something to take my mind off stress related topics. A diet – a decision to eat sensibly NOW – not next week, or after my sister’s visit, or even tomorrow. Right now, this minute.

As a gourmande (rather than a goumet) I hate dieting but have to confess that I have been comfort eating lately and put on even more unwanted kilos, despite trying to stop nibbling in the evenings. 

So now there is a poster in the kitchen brightly proclaiming all the right foods. I’m going to have to take it one day at a time but I really must make the effort.

Wish me luck!