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Bear reverts to ‘(Ab)normal’

July 1, 2008

The recent good day was an obvious blip.

For a short time I thought the charm was lasting when I went into town with CC and Jay and he didn’t moan.

BUT – I got it in the neck the next day when he accused me of neglecting him because I went out with my son and daughter and didn’t ask him!

He then decided it was my fault that the media player on his computer wasn’t working and when Pascal and Florence popped in with a bottle of wine to share he disappeared into the bedroom and turned up the television very loud.

When we went to his appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday all the old complaints came pouring out all over again:

“You’re not being a good wife. You ignore me. and you went out with your kids  TWICE!”

“But you’re usually dozing or reading or watching a train programme.”

“I only do that because you don’t talk to me.”

“OK, so if I came and sat down with you, what would we talk about?”

“Well, we couldn’t talk because everyone else would hear what we’re saying.”

That’s typical “Bear logic” and it may be due to badly managed diabetes,  some sort of bi-polar illness or just plain bloody mindedness.