The Village Fete

Most villages have a patronal festival and ours was held this weekend. It seems to be aimed at entertaining the younger inhabitants so we didn’t venture round the amusements until the morning after, when everything was closed and it was quiet.

The dodgems were still, the stalls were shut up and the music was silenced. The only sign that there had been refreshments was the rubbish left behind – paper and empty bottles strewn carelessly on the grass waiting for the team of workers to clear it up.

It’s a shame that people can’t dispose of their waste tidily but, fortunately the clean-up is swift and all is back to normal already.

We get the impression that our fete is quite a low-key affair with the main event being a (nearly) all-night disco ,but in other villages they have parades with everyone dressed up, floats and the local band playing ‘live’ music.

In one village we know they have a four day celebration with a roundabout, funfair type stalls and  competitions. The last time we were there they had employed a well-known  professional entertainer to amuse the crowds and there were performances by local singers and musicians on the stage put up in the square.

The French certanly know how to enjoy themselves. I suppose the nearest equivalent in England would be a ‘street party’ but how often do they happen?


I bought tickets for the Tombola run by the Club de Jeunesse and won a bottle of champagne!

7 Responses to “The Village Fete”

  1. Richard Says:

    They certainly do know how to have a good time. Shame about the litter with you. Round here it’s something that we never really see.

    Its true, this sort of thing would never happen in england – I think we only ever went to about 3 “village” events previously. Already we have had more than that in just 6 months.

    Great isn’t it? Another good reason for living here.

  2. Pat Says:

    One of the charming features of the French – in France Profond anyway – is there ability to bring a child-like enjoyment to the party. And this isn’t meant in any patronising way. I notice it whenever we attend a family celebration at our son’s place in France.

    Do you think it has something to do with the wine? They know just how much to have to enjoy themselves without overdoing it – well most of them do anyway.

  3. Pat Says:

    Oh dear! ‘their’ I mean. My lens has dropped out of my new glasses – yet again and I’m back on the old ones.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Been away for the weekend. There happened to be a fete in the village where we were staying. Had some good old fashioned games of the ‘aiming and throwing sort’! Lawn darts, target putting and bowling for a pig. Alison won a bottle of wine for winning lawn darts! No dressing up by anyone, but we had a good time!

    Wow, a village fete. They used to have them when we lived in Shotesham but, as far as I know, they stopped having them several years ago.

  5. BearNaked Says:

    That sounds like it would be fun to have.

    Yes isn’t it terrible that people haven’t the good sense to place their litter in trash cans. When I see that happening I wish I had the nerve to say something to them.

    That’s a point. I don’t think there are many waste paper bins around.

  6. Keith Says:

    BN – To challenge anyone, especially teenagers, in the street here is a dangerous business. There is a knife-carrying cult here now and the kids are not afraid to use them on people who upset them. It’s best to say nothing and look the other way when you see a gang of them.

  7. Keith Says:

    Not many fetes and fairs here now, unless alternative indoor arrangements can be made. We can’t rely on having nice weather anymore. Last week it was sunny on the day of the the Church Fair, so everyone laid out the stalls etc on the vicarage lawn. Then at 10am the sun disappeared, and black clouds appeared and they all rushed everything into the Parish Hall just in time for the downpour! Next day it was sunny and warm all day! Pah!

    Our Mayday Brocante was rained off here so we can’t always rely on the weather.

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