A Great Read

Some time ago I discovered Susie Vereker’s blog and was intrigued by the title of one of her books – ‘Pond Lane and Paris’.

Yesterday the package from Amazon was delivered and I was hooked. In the first couple of pages I was immediately drawn to the heroine, Laura, and couldn’t put the book down till it was finished.

If you like Joanna Trollope you’ll like Susie Vereker but I’m not going to give away any more details about the story.

Having a book in English completely distracted me from my resolve to read in French. I’ve borrowed Gerald Durrell’s “Ma Famille et Autres Animaux” from the library (in large print) but it’s slow going. 

Yvette has lent me Caligula (Camus) and another play, Clerambard, by Marcel Aymé (whom I’d never heard of), so, you see, that’s why I haven’t had so much time to write or read blogs recently.

Meanwhile, I apologise for the lack of anything interesting to report regarding daily life chez-nous.


6 Responses to “A Great Read”

  1. Susie Vereker Says:

    Thrilled that you enjoyed it – thank you very much for saying so.

    I’m delighted to have discovered your books. I’ll be getting more.

  2. guyana gyal Says:

    That Gerald Durrell book was a treat…of course, I read it in English. Funny you mention it today, I was talking about it in an email this morning.

    I’m beginning to regret not having read it in English first as this makes the French version quicker to read.

  3. tillylil Says:

    Bear must be behaving himself then!!

    Well. . . . . .

  4. BearNaked Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when you start reading a book and can not stop until you are finished it.
    That happens to me all the time.

    Yes, it’s lovely to find yourself really absorbed and carried away by the story but it would be a bit disastrous if I let it happen too often. Nothing would get done.

  5. Keith Says:

    I have just bought Peter Mayles book, “Hotel Pastis”, on the recommendation of a friend who normally has no sense of what is good in a book, but he said it is a good read. It only came today so I haven’t started to read it yet. I have so many books about la vie en France qu’il faudra des années pour les lire tous!

    That sounds like a good excuse to pack up the car with your suitcase and some of the books you’d like to read and spend the Summer in France – hopefully basking in sunshine.

  6. canisfamiliaris Says:

    My present ‘great read’ is ‘Beatrix Potter – A Life in Nature’ by Linda Lear.

    Obviously because of the Lkaes connection. But saw the movie and wanted to know more about her life.


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