Whale gets worried

Whenever CC or Jay leave the house for any reason the Whale starts clockwatching. If, in his opinion they are overdue he starts asking me where they’ve gone and what they are doing.

As I don’t subject them to detailed questions when they go out (they are adults, after all)  I often can’t give him the answers. So he frets.

Then he annoys CC by ringing her mobile to find out where she is. Jay, (perhaps wisely) refuses to carry a phone.

This weekend they had a trip to Amsterdam  ( a belated birthday treat for CC), and, as usual, Whale’s parting words were,

“You’ve got your phone haven’t you? Don’t forget to let me know when you arrive.”

It’s about a four hour drive on a good day so when I heard a message come through on the spare phone on the desk, I ignored it. (It’s using up the 5 euros on the  sim from Bear’s new phone so the only texts it gets are from Orange). Naturally Whale wanted to know what it was but I assured him it wasn’t for him.

All through lunch he sighed and mumbled and at half past two he asked me to ring them. I said they might have stopped off on Brussels on the way and not to worry.

At three, he could stand it no longer. He dialled CC’s mobile.

“I sent a message to mum’s mobile ages ago.” was her response.

So I looked for my phone and couldn’t find it until I rang it from the landline. Where was it? Under some papers on the desk beside the old one.

Oh dear. Sure enough, the earlier message had been from them, saying they’d made good time and were enjoying a beer.

After a grovelling explanation and apology I thought that now, Whale would settle down and relax. But no. A while later, he presented me with a bit of paper.

“CC sounded a bit worried when I rang her.” he said. “Would you mind sending this message for me.”

It was a fairly long note – Whale isn’t au fait with text messaging  – but I duly sent it.

Back came the reply. “I wasn’t bloody worried! We’re having a drink in a bar.”

Yesterday they were due to come home, and Whale started panicking before lunch. At two o’clock he was getting desperate.

“They said they wouldn’t be back before six” I reminded him. But by 2:45 he could hardly keep his hands off the phone. Despite my efforts, he still managed to ring them twice, leaving messages on voicemail because CC refused to answer.

They didn’t get home until after seven because of roadworks so they were keen to go upstairs and relax with a bottle of wine.

During the evening Whale called me.

“They’ve been up there a long time and haven’t had anything to eat yet. Will you go and see if they’re all right?”






9 Responses to “Whale gets worried”

  1. Pat Says:

    It must drive you all demented. Poor man!

    How right you are, Pat. You don’t have to be mad to live in this house – but it helps.

  2. Little old me Says:

    Bless him, he was just worried about them

  3. Z Says:

    However infuriating it must have been for them and you, it’s rather sweet really, isn’t it?

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    Helen and z: of course parents worry when their offsping are out of sight but it drives CC and Jay mad when he wants to know where they are and what they’re doing all the time.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:

    You are building up a huge store of Brownie points, Sandy!! What will you do with them?

    Don’t know about brownie points, Derek, but grey hairs – high blood pressure -maybe!

  6. tracey Says:

    Once a parent always a parent regardless of the age of the children!

  7. sablonneuse Says:

    That’s very true Tracey but they get really annoyed when he won’t leave them alone.

  8. guyana gyal Says:

    It’s amusing when you’re just observing Whale-type-behaviour. But when you’re on the receiving end…aiy yai yai.

    Fortunately we can still have a laugh about it ourselves, even though CC and Jay find it highly annoying.

  9. Sophie Says:

    Whale is a real “papa poule” bless him!
    Maybe if CC and Jay know he is going to be upset they should just say they’ll be back at 9 when they’re planning to be back at 6?
    My friend does that otherwise her parents worry all the time!!!

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