On gardening

Pat and John-G have posted lovely photos of their gardens. Let me take you from the sublime to the ridiculous with a look at my puny efforts.

Last Autumn CC and I planted a new flower bed with perennials etc. and I have been looking forward to seeing the results. But after waiting and hoping I had to admit defeat. There was nothing but one lupin, one heuchera, and one rose (but I had planted the other one upside down!) plus a heck of a lot of weeds. So yesterday, while the sun shone, I weeded the garden and sowed some seeds to (hopefully) make a herb garden. There are more seeds in the pots and we’ve protected them with plastic because the cats have tried to use them as toilets.

In an attempt to put a bit of colour by the patio I planted some tulips and other bulbs in here. Something tells me they shouldn’t be in a straight line though.

 And then there’s all the weeds on the patio . . . . . . .




Now, my bay tree seems to be suffering as its leaves are turning brown. Is it because there are two many plants at the base? Or do you suppose animals have been nibbling its roots? This is what happened to a fig tree I put in a couple of years ago. It just keeled over because the roots had disappeared.

But to finish on a note of (relative) success, I’m quite pleased with the bank which has been transformed from a jungle of cotoneaster into a rather more interesting rockery.


8 Responses to “On gardening”

  1. Pat Says:

    Thanks for the mensh:) In gardening one must latch on to the positive – ignore the negative. Your bank is lovely and the tulips a lovely splash of colour. MTL puts strong weed killer on the paths because he is not remotely PC. I hope the bay survives. It grows like a weed here.

  2. Little old me Says:

    I go more for the throw it in method myself, I love a wild look.

    Yes, I lke a bit of ‘wild’ too but weeds taking over the path is going a bit too far. I trip over them when I hang out the washing!

  3. john.g. Says:

    Sandy, that’s lovely. If the bay tree is in a pot it may be root-bound, and need a bigger container. We had that trouble a couple of years ago, and now it is flourishing! Just a thought.

    Thank you John, but my garden is nothing like as beautiful as yours. As for the bay tree, it’s not in a pot but it seems to be slowly dying as the leaves turn brown. It may be a coincidence but the rosemary on the opposite side of the path, also seems to be dying – in fact half of it is already dead – and yet it has been going strong for three years now. (The bay has been there for longer.)

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Cats shitting in your seed pots? Not good!
    Weeds on the patio – How rustic?
    Tulips in straight lines – well, straightish!
    Two plants at the base of your bay tree – is that too many?
    I don’t like animals nibbling at my roots – or my figs! I would keel over!!
    Interesting rockery? Isn’t that just an upmarket ‘jungle of cotoneaster’?

    Your garden knocks mine into a cocked hat, any day!!!


    For some reason this comment was sent to the spam box! Yes, there is some cotoneater left but when we moved here there was nothing but the stuff and it was at least three feet high, shutting out quite alot of light.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:


    It’s a ‘French’ garden! Say no more!!

  6. guyana gyal Says:

    Your garden is lovely, Sab, enjoy it. Ours is a mad, unplanned thing but as long as I can see flowers, smell flowers, as long as I can pick some herbs here and there, I’m happy.

    My friend killed weeds with white vinegar, I must ask him what he did, whether it was vinegar alone or vinegar and water. He said the weeds died.

    As for pests, I get rid of them with soap and water, hahaha. Douse ’em good and proper with soapy water and they die, wooo hooo. Oh, I also trim limbs that have blight.

    How’s the house since Bear?

    it’s hard to believe but Bear has come home with a different attitude and is still being very nice.I’m making the most of it because I can’t believe it will last. He is even being pleasant to the Whale!

  7. guyana gyal Says:

    Actually, I like the weed on the patio. Don’t ask, I just do 🙂

  8. canisfamiliaris Says:

    ‘For some reason this comment was sent to the spam box!’

    I expect it was a case of ‘Language, Timothy!!’


    Tut-tut, Derek.

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