Bear’s back

Whisper it softly, but Bear has come back in a very good mood.

It seems his week went extremely well. He stayed with both his daughters (Norwich and Sheffield) and an old friend in London and was able to visit his brother (who is feeling much better after having to go into hospital).

There were a just a couple of problems:

His mobile phone was on it’s last legs so we went to buy him a new one for the trip. Bad idea, as phones are becoming smaller and more complicated. We asked for a phone without all the extras but there was no option but to buy a neat little number that folds in half and requires rather dainty fingerwork. Needless to say, despite the fact that I went through the essentials with him, Bear couldn’t figure out how to use it while he was away.

The second hiccup was that when his daughter took him to the station yesterday morning they found the trains were cancelled because the copper wires for the signal had been stolen. They were supposed to be laying on a bus but no-one knew how many seats there would be or even when it might turn up.

He explained the urgency of his journey and was advised to get a taxi to Derby and reclaim the fare.

He did just that and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

So just before 7.30 p.m.  I backed the car out of the garage and made my way to the station. It was the first time I had driven for some time and I felt anxious – not about driving as such – but mentally crossing my fingers that parking would be straightforward when I got there. Then it started to drizzle: not enough to require wipers but sufficient to smear the wndscreen so that I had to peer through the clearer parts.

Phew – the front of the station was virtually empty – but I had a good half an hour to wait. I sat on a bench and tried to work out how I felt. No – it definitely wasn’t the excitement of meeting someone you have missed. But, then I felt guilty about that. A bit of mental practice in putting on a welcoming smile, a conversation about the weather ( yes, the French are always talking about the rain here) with a woman who came and sat next to me, and the wait didn’t seem too long.

The TGV from Paris pulled in exactly on time and Bear and I approached each other on the platform.

He let me drive home and went so far as to say he wasn’t nervous and then he settled down to unpack his case and tell me all about his week. He even spoke to CC, Jay and the Whale and didn’t put the telly on.

How long will this last?





7 Responses to “Bear’s back”

  1. Pat Says:

    Well at least you got the awkward bit over and just maybe he has learned to appreciate you a little more. I hope you enjoyed the respite and that life will get easier for you.

    He certainly seems a bit different as far as attitude is conerned. Maybe his family have said something to him – but I’m not confident there’ll be a lasting change. Leopards and spots and all that. . . .

  2. Little old me Says:

    Perhaps his trip as given him time to think.

    You never know – but see above.

  3. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Sorry to be a pessimist, Sandy …

    But on the evidence of past history …

    Don’t hold your breath!!


    Don’t worry, Derek, I’m not.

  4. Keith Says:

    It won’t last. They say that a “leopard can’t change it’s spots”, and I don’t think a “Bear with a sore arse” knows where the Vaseline is kept either.

    you may well be right but I’m making the most of it while i may. Today he set the table for lunch!!!!! That’s a definite first. Or was it a hint he was hungry?

  5. john.g. Says:

    Not long!

  6. meredic Says:

    Along with your other readers, make hay while the sun shines!
    Hmm I seem to have swapped a link somewhere and have been following a trial on your other blog for ages.
    This is much more like it, the minute details of every day lives.
    I get that ‘not quite enough drizzle on the windscreen’ thing as well.
    I wonder if I can figure out how to fix my own bloggy thing.

  7. sablonneuse Says:

    Meredic, I moved to wordpress (with lots of help from Keith) sometime ago when the other blog seemed to be misbehaving. However, when the original one appeared to be OK again I’ve been using it to write about the infamous trial of the local mass murderer and paedophile, Fourniret.

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