Invited to Lunch

Yesterday we were invited to lunch with Yvette. It was to be a belated birthday celebration for her and a slightly premature one for CC (who will no longer be 35 tomorrow).

Last year it was warm enough to eat outside but this time Yvette had lit a fire and we admired the garden from behind the window. If you look carefully you will see a red squirrel (actually he is almost black) playing by the tree.  Apparently they frequently come to visit and Yvette puts out nuts for them. We did see another one who came closer but the camera was not handy and he disappeared before we could take his photo.

We ate and drank exceedingly well – two bottles of champagne, an excellent gewurztraminer and an interesting bottle of red (with a photograph of Yvette and her husband taken 18 years ago) and only just had room to put away large helpings of the birthday cake which she had ordered from the local baker. It was served with coffee and followed by a choice of cognac, calvados or vodka.

Once home again we needed to rest our hangovers before settling down to an evening of television – the first since Bear went on holiday.

It is a relief that, finally, the main road into the village has been properly re-surfaced. They are still working on the major facelift but we can now came and go by car without risking  the suspension.


4 Responses to “Invited to Lunch”

  1. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Are red squirrels very common in France? Here in England the greys have almost taken over the indigenous reds, except in Northumberland and Cumbria. The greys carry a virus that is fatal to reds. War is now being waged on the greys in these counties and they are being trapped in large numbers and then sold to local restaurants as a delicacy! Apparently, they taste a little like rabbits!


    I don’t think there are any greys in France which is why we see the red ones. They seem quite small and skinny compared to the greys and are much more nervous. I remember at Blackdale School the greys were very ‘tame’. The children used to feed them leftover sandwiches but the head had to forbid it after one child was bitten. Not sure I’d fancy eating a squirrel though – especially if they carry viruses.

  2. Little old me Says:

    I have never tried squirrel. We feed the one that comes into our garden, I find him very funny, even when he is digging up the lawn.

    I agree, squirrels are cute.

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    Oooh, Bear is going to be so jealous when he hears about all the shenanigans chez toi, or is it chez vous?

    Last Sunday I watched a programme about a man who’s made it his job to get rid of the grey squirrels in some part of England, they came from the US, long ago, apparently, and are causing the red squirrels to die. If they were here, we wouldn’t have any problem getting rid of them, some folks would eat them all ways – curry, bar-b-que, fried.

    Now, I thought we had a pretty quiet week . . . . .

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    I also saw a chap interviewed last week. He has trapped about 20000 grey squirrels so far. He says that when he has got rid of all the greys in Northumberland and Durham, he is heading south!!! I think it must be his life’s work to rid the UK of grey squirrels. Let’s face it they’re intelopers from the US anyway!!


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