Empty Armchair

Since Bear’s visit to the neuropsychologist you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged about his behaviour. This is partly because they did find some abnormalities that could account for moodiness (and lapses in memory and concentration) and partly because nothing really outstandingly funny or awful has happened.

However, today, I can report a certain levity of spirit in the house: music playing instead of the eternal TV blaring out all the afternoon: friends popping in and remarking how relaxed we all seem because

Bear has gone to England for the week!

He had been talking about a visit for months but we were beginning to believe it would never happen.

He would set his heart on certain dates and then when he rang his daughters one or other would say it wasn’t convenient. Then his knees started to play up, and, on top of that he caught a bad cold.

His brother was admitted to hospital and he was very worried that it might be the end of him. Jay offered to drive us over but Bear got in a strop and refused. Fortunately, his brother recovered enough to go home and seems to be over the worst, so Bear has arranged to go and see him one afternoon – as a surprise.

On Saturday he bought his train tickets and this morning he actually accepted a lift to the station in Jay’s car.

Whew. Although I did feel sorry for him, setting off on his journey all alone, it was a relief to feel the atmosphere in the house become lighter somehow. He may not have been as moody as usual recently, as far as I’m concerned, but he is always pretty miserable when it comes to Jay and CC. He makes them feel uncomfortable in their own home.

He refuses to eat   ‘en famille’ and always wants his dinner on a tray in front of the telly. Tonight we are celebrating with a relaxing family meal accompanied by gentle background music so that we can actually enjoy a conversation.

His armchair is empty and the TV will be switched off.


6 Responses to “Empty Armchair”

  1. john.g. Says:

    Aaah, Peace! Enjoy!

    Thanks John-G. Will do!

  2. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Ah, the empty chair! Didn’t Khrushchev or somebody like that have one at Politburo meetings when your time was up? Or was that Saddam Hussein? Come to think of it, he just shot his enemies. Better not go there …


    No, Derek, we haven’t reached that stage just yet.

  3. Sophie Says:

    Is there any way you and your children can just move out together or tell his daughters to keep him???!!!
    You’re so good and patient, I think I would have badly injured Bear if he had made me go through all the annoying things he’s doing to you and your children… or perhaps I would have trained Chaddy to scram his face everytime he misbehaves hehe!!

    It’s not quite as simple as that Sophie. But about training cats . . .that’s an idea.

  4. Little old me Says:

    The things we do for love and it has to be, otherwise how could you put up with it.

  5. Pat Says:

    May it last for a reasonable time – like a couple of months:)

    Couple of months would be great but it’s only a week this time.

  6. Almost American Says:

    I’m sure the week is flying by far too fast!

    Hope you don’t mind – I tagged you on my blog. Feel free to ignore it though if you don’t find the questions interesting!

    You’re right, time does fly when you’re ‘on holiday’. I’ll have a go at the tag, thanks.

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