Suppository for sore throat?


Pascal came on Saturday morning to finish the tiling. The new toilet is at last complete with grouting and Bear has only just noticed the slight discrepancy in the colours. And, we even have a toilet roll holder in position.

How long did it take from start to finish?

Only a couple of months.

But Pascal demonstrated another string to his bow this weekend. On Friday evening when he came to check on the tools he had left in the garage he noticed that I was coughing and I admitted I had a sore throat.

“What you need is a suppository” he said earnestly.

I looked surprised.

“Didn’t they treat you with them when you were a kid?” he asked.

Now, I’ve never had occasion to resort to any medicaments that weren’t swallowed or rubbed in but I did remember that a French friend of ours dosed his children with ‘suppos’ when they came to stay and were suffering from tummy upsets.

Pascal went on to explain that a chemist he knew had told him that drug companies were inclined to reduce the active ingredients in their tablets so that you had to buy more. The best way to get a reliable cure was anally.

When he arrived on Saturday he produced a couple of these.

“Two doses and no more sore throat.”  he assured me.

Well, we’d run out of Lemsip, cough sweets weren’t doing any good so what was there to lose?

I unwrapped one. It smelled strongly of camphor and eucalyptus. Both good for the throat – but . . . . . .

Oh, what the heck, give it a try.

Well, I’m not totally convinced but I admit the sore throat did ease a little. However, it was a bit disconcerting – or was it my imagination – that I could taste camphor and eucaplytus at the back of my throat.

14 Responses to “Suppository for sore throat?”

  1. Little old me Says:

    I was going to comment…but I won’t

  2. Pat Says:

    I’ve always been used to the French idea of suppositories but hadn’t imagined they would use them for a sore throat. That sounds bizarre even for the French bless ’em!

    As we’d run out of cold remedies I asked our local chemist what she could suggest for a sore throat as cough sweets were useless. What did she offer me? You’ve guessed it – suppositories. But in the end I came away with a bottle of cough mixture which also claimed to ease a sore throat.

  3. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Suppositories for a sore throat? I’m saying nothing!!!!!!

  4. john.g. Says:

    Suppositories are no use. You might as well shove them up your a…………

  5. Sophie Says:

    I really don’t know what it is with us French and the damn suppos!!!!!
    As a kid I had them once for a grippe and another time for …nerves!!!
    Aged 9 I was so panicked at the idea of going to the dentist that I was nearly sick all over the poor man …
    he prescribed some chocolate smelling suppos to calm me down before they postponed the appointment :s

    Chocolate smelling suppos to calm you down? How odd. I just hope my dentist doesn’t want to try that on me as I’m still petrified of going to see her.

  6. Sophie Says:

    Pat, what do you mean “””That sounds bizarre even for the French bless ‘em!”””
    Tut tut tut on est pas plus bizarre que les Anglais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. guyana gyal Says:

    Wot john. g. said 🙂

    Sophie, now I know the folks in my country are un peu strange but this, I have to admit, is the oddest cure I’ve heard.

    Shiling Oil is what you need, Sab.

  8. Sophie Says:

    At least we don’t knit tea cosies to put on our cafetières :D!!!!!
    I know the suppo business is bad, I used to cry so much as a kid when I was prescribed some. I’d end up convincing my mum I could deal with it but always got caught with the damn thing having melted in my hands!!!

  9. Almost American Says:

    I was prescribed suppositories for a kidney infection when I lived in France. The doc insisted it was the fastest way to get the antibiotics into me. I was in so much pain, I agreed.

    Several months later when I had a sore throat and was again offered suppositories, I rebelled. In this case I was being offered an over-the-counter remedy by a friend and I saw absolutely no reason to take something “par voie anale” (as Petite famously said in her first blog post) when it was the other end that was sore! Instead, the pharmacist sold me a wonderful spray that I not only had to spray in my throat but also up my nose. (The two being connected, it seemed to make sense – more sense than suppositories anyway!) The spray worked really well – much better than the Tyrozet-like pastilles I’d been hoping for. I can’t remember the name if it now though.

    Actually, the chemist did suggest the throat spray to me but I’m absolutely paranoid about anything going in my mouth, and I believe you have to put the spray near the back of your throat for it to be effective.

  10. Ann (MobayDP) Says:




    Hi Ann and welcome.

  11. BearNaked Says:

    “However, it was a bit disconcerting – or was it my imagination – that I could taste camphor and eucaplytus at the back of my throat.”

    So funny————
    and now I have to wipe coffee off my monitor screen.

  12. Loo Chiu Says:

    Friends, I have a few young children and need some advice on suppository for the treatment of respiratory, cough, sore throat.
    I heard that these are very effective and widely use in France.
    Kindly advice on some commercial brands and how I can buy them.

    Singapore Parent

  13. sablonneuse Says:

    Sorry, Loo but I don’t really know much about suppositories for children and apart from the occasion written about in this post have never used them myself. I do hope you find some effective treatment for your children.

  14. Loo Chiu Says:

    Thank you for the kind reply. Perhaps I have an excuse to visit Paris again this summer to check out the pharmacies myself.

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