Our Cats

Parsley on the computerSeveral of my favourite blogs feature cats. Sophie has been helping at her local cat refuge and she lives with Chaddy and often mentions him. Caturday is almost entirely devoted to cats and Lorraine at Me and the Cat doesn’t have a cat – yet – but she’s a definite catlover. Keith sometimes writes about Sooty (AKA Pyewacket).

So (to show off how I’ve learned to add pictures all by myself) let me re-introduce my little family: the topcat is Toby, about 14 or 15 years old. He is neutered but still enjoys chasing all the girls. He also takes over the computer chair and protests loudly if anyone disturbs him. He will then proceed to walk all over you while you’re trying to concentrate. He’s the one who sleeps on our bed and wakes me at crack of dawn with a carefully aimed paw. If that doesn’t work he chews my hair.

Next in age we have the twins, Mustard and Pepper who will celebrate their 10th birthday in May. They have always been close, sharing licks, beds and armchairs, but they have different personalities. Also, while Pepper is slim and elegant, her sister is inclined to have a ‘middle-age spread’. Here’s Pepper on the radiator, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, and Mustard – in pensive mood below.


Poor Holly tends to be the odd one out. None of the other cats likes her and she’s not too keen on them either. This results in a fair bit of spitting and sparring from time to time but I’m really pleased that Holly now feels comfortable enough to come and sit on my lap wherever I am (instead of just on ‘her’ armchair) and she will  come and sit by the television of an evening, although the other cats are nearby. She has recently copied the others by climbing all over the computer when I’m busy.

All these four cats came with us from England, together with Kipper, our elderly white cat, who, unfortunately, died a few months after we brought him over, at the age of 16.


Parsley and Chloe are both French. As the two youngest they get on well together and often play at chasing each other round the house. Chloe is still the most reticent of all the cats but she is beginning to hold her own.

Parsley enjoys sitting on top of the computer when I’m busy but she also loves exploring empty bags and boxes – and even the laundry basket.

Chloe is still a bit nervous about going outside into the garden, although she likes chewing grass. She  is happiest when she’s eating or curled up on a radiator.

 If you click on the links for their names you can read the stories of how each of them came to live with us.

Fourniret update here



12 Responses to “Our Cats”

  1. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Impressed with your enhanced computer skills. Any idea how to forward email from a domain name to your own account?


    Sorry Derek. I don’t even understand the question.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox Says:

    Lots of cool cats! But how on earth do the English and French cats communicate? Surely there must be a language barrier?

    I think they all get on in Franglais.

  3. Keith Says:

    Ooo, you little show off! All those pictures in a well thought-out layout. You put me to shame!

    No way, Keith, you know far more about photos, computers and websites than I’ll ever be able learn. But you have inspired me to make an effort. S

    Now you will have to learn PhotoShop and put fancy borders and shadows etc., round them. (This is Keith but I can’t undo the italics)

    One step at a time please!! S

    Nice to meet all the cats, and see the names. Pyewacket (Sooty) came home dragging a whole cooked chicken last Sunday! I strongly suspect that he stole it from somebodys kitchen because it was still warm. He sat on the lawn and promptly ate it! The lot! And he didn’t even offer me any. Mind you it took him several hours to get through it.

    Parsley can smell mince from anywhere in the house and is there like a shot to get her share before it’s cooked.

  4. Keith Says:

    Sorry, Sooty did leave me some chicken. The skeleton, neatly laid out on the doorstep.

    Neatly laid out skeleton? Your Sooty is well trained isn’t he? S

  5. Pat Says:

    My son is the cat person in our family but here in Somerset people have been warned to keep their cats indoors as a number have been poisoned lately – with, possibly, antifreeze.

    There was a case of poisoning in our village a few months ago, Pat. Not everyone likes cats, unfortunately.

  6. Keith Says:

    Pat – Antifreeze? How the hell do you get a cat to drink that stuff? Still, I suppose it would if it was out on a freezing cold night.

    Sorry, sick joke, couldn’t resist that.

  7. Pat Says:

    Keith : apparently it has a sweetish taste which they like. Don’t try this at home.

  8. sablonneuse Says:

    I’m trying to work out how, according to the times given, Pat’s reply precedes Keith’s question. . . . . .

  9. tracey Says:

    OOH I love cats!
    They each have their own personalities and funny little ways.

    Hi Tracey, nice to ‘see’ you again. Hope the decorating is all finished and that yu are not too tired.

  10. Sophie Says:

    I love your blog Sandy it’s great and it’s been brilliant to meet all the little cats of the house again. Felt sorry for poor Holly, let’s hope she learns to kick the other cats’ butts so she can enjoy happy cat life even more!!!!!!
    The story about Keith’s sooty made me laugh out loud, I am going to publish it on my blog!!

    Holly can hold her own with the others but it’s a pity they are not more friendly. I’m pleased she feels able to sit on my lap more than she used to. As for Keith’s Sooty, I hope the owner of the chicken doesn’t trace the culprit.

  11. guyana gyal Says:

    We ended up having 13 cats thanks to some reproducing rapidly, and thanks to brothers bringing home strays.

    They lived all over the yard and under the house – the house is raised 15 feet high, and under the house is concrete, warm because of the tropics.

    Yours are so beautiful, well kept. Ours always looked as if they came home from some battle.

    Keith you made that up, didn’t you? A cat bringing home a whole cooked chicken! If you play your cards right, he can learn to feed himself and you won’t have to.

    My daughter says I treat them more like babies than cats, and it’s true I do worry unnecessarily when they go out of the garden, but they are part of the family as far as I’m concerned. Fortunately they are all neutered because if they had kittens I’d want to keep them all.

  12. Sophie Says:

    I agree on the kitten side of things and on the treating cats like babies!
    I sing “his” song to Chaddy every morning when we wake up and truly think my Italian neighbour must think I am off my head!!! Very ashamed to say the song is called “TeleChaddy” and invented by moi hahahaha!!!!!
    (I have another one called “Bonjour Chaddy” but I’d better stop there before I sound like a complete doolalee primary school teacher!
    I think our cats deserve all the affection we give them, silly or not!!

    I talk to my cats but I’m not sure they’d appreciate it if I tried singing to them.

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