The tale of the tiling (cont.)

tiling12.jpg Pascal rang on Friday evening to say he’d be round on Saturday.

Wow, we might get a full day’s work done!

His 8 o’clock arrival was more like 25 past and he has come to expect a coffee laced with whisky before embarking on his labours.

By lunchtime he was saying he hoped to finish by the evening.

But – during the afternoon there were sounds of swearing.  He came to find me, looking a bit sheepish.

“You have got more of those pink tiles in the attic haven’t you?”

tiling2.jpgNow the pink tiles were left over from a previous job (by the original owner) and Pascal had calculated that there were enough to do the top part of the walls. As it was no longer possible to buy more I had chosen blue for the lower half and ‘shelves’  with a pink and blue freize in between – also left overs found in the attic.

I distinctly remember suggesting to Pascal that if there was a danger of running out of pink tiles, maybe he could do a second row of freize and finish with blue again at the top.

“No, I’ve counted them. There will be enough.” he said, dismissively.

Now it was a different story. He was three short. And he had used up all the frieze to decorate the shelves.

We searched the attic in vain for matching pink tiles.

“I thought you had counted them.” I ventured.

Yes, but he hadn’t taken into account the fact that the understairs cupboard  new loo is not symmetrical and therefore the left side is longer than the right side.

“Well, we’ll just have to finish off with blue”. I said.

Pascal was all for ripping off the top row from the other side as well but as that would involve lots of cutting minute fragments to fit I couldn’t bear the thought of all that extra time and mess (and money).

“Non!” I protested. “We’ll live with it. People won’t notice.”

Pascal gave an exhasperated shrug and muttered something about “Vous anglais….”

At least, by 5.30 the tiling was finished and he graciously gave me the opportunity to clean all the mess off the walls and floor while he washed his tools in the garage.

(Bear is, at this moment, trying to unblock the sink which is solid with a kind of concrete resulting from that little operation).

loo1.jpgPascal then spent quite a long time repairing the flush mechanism when he put the toilet back. (I’m convinced it stopped working as a result of his constant removing it to the garage).

It was then time for an ‘apero’ of beer and whisky before he wandered off home.

“I’ll be back to do the grouting.” were his parting words.

Pity he didn’t say when that might be.


5 Responses to “The tale of the tiling (cont.)”

  1. Little old me Says:

    You just have to keep thinking ‘it will be lovely when its finished’ and keep smiling

    We can hope it will be lovely when it’s finished – it’s the ‘if’ that keeps creeping in though. . . .

  2. Sophie et Chady Says:

    Pascal sounds such a laugh!!!!!
    Did your children enjoy Spain?

    Re: la SPA
    I am sure they always need more volunteers. In Llys Nini, once you have gone on the course and signed all the relevant documentation (health and safety) you can go whenever you want and it’s really lovely. Poor little minous I really hope they all find loving homes soon though as some of them look really sad or like they’ve given up on life 😦
    I am sure they’d be happy to have your help if you are willing to try to help.
    Love, Sophie x

    Yes thanks, Sophie, they had a great time in Spain. Their friends’ baby arrived early – just a couple of days after they got back. She only weighed 2 kgs at birth but mother and baby are doing fine.
    You could say Pascal is funny but I wish he would take finishing his work a bit more seriously! I’m tempted to contact the SPA but would have to rely on Bear to take me there.

  3. Maria Says:

    I read one of your comments on My Mother’s Blog and just decided to do a little exploring and found your delightful blog. I promise to come back often to enjoy your tales.

    Hello Maria and welcome. Thank you for your complimentary comment.

  4. millie garfield Says:

    I think you better buy more whiskey!!! 😉

    Indeed, we do have to keep topping up the supply!

  5. Helping hand « Says:

    […] certainly not capable: Jay is not at all practical and wouldn’t have a clue where to start: Pascal is not reliable and it could take weeks: but no-one seems to be able to recommend a good […]

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