A New Maire

After the recent municipal elections it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new.

On March 9th three lists* were put to the village electorate. The results came out very close with the ‘maire sortant’ (outgoing mayor) just a little bit ahead.

People from the two opposing lists who gained the most votes then combined forces to produce an opposing team of fifteen names to go forward to the vote on March 16th – and they won by a small majority.

It’s amazing how many runours went flying round the village during these elections. I don’t consider myself to be in the thick of things, and there’s a language problem as well, but I heard whispers of  mistresses, ladies of easy virtue, fraud, family feuds and vengeance.

Some people received poison pen letters and some pretty nasty circulars went around saying negative things about the outgoing mayor.

So, you could say feelings were running high.

The winning list voted for the mayor and four deputies last Friday and we now have a lady maire with two men and two women as her adjoints.

Some people are pleased to see the back of the old regime while others are very worried about what the new council will get up to.

Only time will tell.

* Every town and village in France voted for a new Maire this month. The candidates put forward a list of names to serve as counsellors. In Charleville there were 45 people on each list but in our village there were only 15. In communes of less than 1500 inhabitants it is permitted to cross out names on the list you are voting for and substitute others. It then seems that everyone’s individual votes are counted. Those who get enough votes can go through to the second round as part of a list of 15 – but the second round is usually between just two lists.


4 Responses to “A New Maire”

  1. Keith Says:

    Doesn’t life get complicated? I would have thought that you would have stood for the council.

    I know that an-expat from England (he’s lived in the village for over 30 years) has put up as Maire in my daughters village in the Dordogne, but we doubt whether he would be voted in. I’ll ring her tomorrow and see if he did.

    I think you’d have to become a French national to be eligible to stand for the council. And, no, it’s not my thing – especially in view of the strength of feeling about the candidates here.

  2. Keith Says:

    I just looked up Glanes on “La Monde”. The Englishman didn’t get in, but there was a tie for Maire,

    Mrs Sophie HATTIER (157 votes)
    M. Mr. Vincent QUERCY (157 votes)

    Now what do they do? Spin a coin?

    I suppose it’s down to the other people on their list to vote for the Maire. In another village I know well, my friend, who has been maire for 12 years obtained 8 fewer votes than another person on her list but she was still voted Maire by her councillors.

  3. Pat Says:

    Up the girls! If you’ll pardon the expression:)

    People who know her seem pleased that she is Maire. I’ve never spoken to her but hope to have the opportunity in the not too distant future. The Maire of Charleville is a friend of ours (we’re invited to her daughter’s wedding in May) and her sister has been Maire of her village for many years. In fact the outgoing Maire of our village was the only male Maire we knew.

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    “…whispers of mistresses, ladies of easy virtue, fraud, family feuds and vengeance. Some people received poison pen letters and some pretty nasty circulars went around saying negative things about the outgoing mayor…”

    My goodness. People really are the same everywhere 🙂

    Yes, but even so, it was surprising to discover such bad feelings in a ‘quiet’ village in the Ardennes.

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