Neverending Tiling

Why didn’t I learn the lesson after we were deprived of our bedroom for three months when Pascal redecorated it?

The tiling of the toilet looks like being another job that goes on and on because Pascal turns up to work in short bursts.

He walked in on Monday evening about 6, trailed muck all over the house as he went round greeting everyone, had a coffee laced with whisky, and did a few rows of tiling. This was when he discovered the problem of mismatched tiles so not much progress was made but there was an awful lot of cleaning up to do after he left.

The dust from his labours spread all around the house and made the floor slippery. This makes life very difficult for Whale when he tries to get up from his wheelchair so I had to go round with the vacuum cleaner and then wash most of the downstairs tiles.

Pascal came back on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . So is the toilet finished?

No way. He has completed the wall on one side and put just one layer on the other side. Each hour and a half of work has caused me alot of extra cleaning and there’s still the prospect of more work in fits and starts to come.

Today he is working  a full day   –    elsewhere   –   leaving our garage cluttered with his tools. 

However, at least (after several phonecalls) they brought me a replacement washing machine yesterday and clothes and bedding are festooned everywhere to dry because outside it’s snowing.


3 Responses to “Neverending Tiling”

  1. Keith Says:

    As I said, isn’t this “normalement” the way things are in France? It’s not just you Sandy, the tradesmen do it to everybody there. Just ask my daughter in St Céré, it’s a sore point with her!

    Yes, you’re right Keith. Our friends in the next village employed a ‘real’ business to redecorate their house. It cost 11,000 euros(!!!!) but they said it was worth it to get it over and done with. Unfortunately we can barely afford the rates for work ‘on the black’ so we’ll have to put up with it. Pity no-one in our household is good at DIY. But CC and I did paint the Summer kitchen and it doesn’t look too bad. Tiling, however, is best left to an expert, and I have to admit, Pascal is good at it.

  2. Keith Says:

    I referred someone to your site because they wanted to see an example of one of my headers. Then he wanted me to do one with a picture of his house on it for his site. He said “I like Sablonneuse’s house on her header, very posh. She must be very rich. . .”

    What’s it like being rich and famous then?

    Oh Keith, didn’t you tell him it was the Mairie? Actually, it was a private house once.The headmaster of the village school used to live there. He and his wife now live in a posh, modern house up the road from us.
    If ever I become rich and/or famous I’ll let you know what it’s like – but don’t hold your breath. . . . .

  3. Pat Says:

    Ne’er a dull moment for you. Sometimes there is something to be said for my constant moan that we never get anything done in the house.

    You should be OK if I promise not to send Pascal over . . .

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