Have you ever felt completely incapable of getting started on the million and one things that need to be done within a time limit?

Well my sister and her family arrive next Sunday and I’m definitely nowhere near ready. What’s worse, I can’t get my arse in gear to move forward and start tackling anything. A headache doesn’t help and neither did the fact that Petite Anglaise’s book arrived yesterday and I couldn’t put it down till it was finished. (A great read – highly recommended). Vague hopes that Pascal might turn up today to tile the new loo came to nothing. If that means he won’t start on it till next Saturday he’s certainly cutting things fine but there’s a chance he won’t even show then.

guestroomThere are so many tasks going round in my head – they’re all jammed together so I can’t sort them out, put them in a practical order and actually get cracking. Things like cleaning the windows, arranging the summer kitchen (which has been in a state of ‘limbo’ since we painted it), washing all the settee and chair covers to (temporarily) remove the cat fur, thoroughly cleaning the guestroom (which tends to be used as a storeroom), planning menus, making shopping lists, tidying the garden, varnishing the front door and the shutters . . . . and so it goes on. guestroom

Surprisingly, Bear has chosen this very weekend to muck out the attic. He has emptied the contents of loads of boxes that haven’t seen daylight for five years and arranged them along his worktop – at least six metres worth – for me to ‘go through when you have time’. I ventured upstairs, took one look and despaired. I don’t need this – not right now.

Jay and CC are having a short holiday, visiting friends in Spain this week so I really thought I could get things done, in my own time, at my own pace. Well I seem to have come to a standstill. Maybe tomorrow or Monday my energy will reappear from wherever it is hiding and I’ll get going. Meanwhile, the countdown continues and I’m getting nowhere fast.


5 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. tracey lilly Says:

    make a list and allow yourself some time each day.
    I am sure your guests wont mind a bit of dust.
    perhaps they can even help – tell them it is a working holiday!

    My sister’s house is always clean and tidy – despite two boisterous dogs, a cat and a parrot so I feel I have to make an effort. In fact, this morning I decided a bit of fresh air would blow away the cobwebs and I’ve made the ‘path’ I’ve been wanting to do on the bank. It doesn’t look that good but it’s a lot safer than trying to walk up and down a steep slope on mud.

  2. Keith Says:

    If its a working holiday, stick a paintbrush in their hands and gently guide them to the spare room saying it needs decorating.

    I know. It happens to me when I visit my stepdaughter in the Dordogne!

    Actually, on their last two visits my brother-in-law did just that. He has redecorated the hall and the lounge already so I think they deserve a real holiday this time.And, Keith, I wouldn’t give you a paintbrush but I might just ask for some lessons on the computer please, when you come and visit

  3. Pat Says:

    Now just listen. Sit down and chill for a moment. There is nothing worse than having an exhausted hostess; the kindest thing you can do for your guests is to be relaxed. Let your sister have a moments superiority if it makes her happy. I don’t mean to preach but this was a BIG lesson I had to learn.
    I’m reading ‘Petite Anglaise’ at bed- time to prolong the pleasure. She sure comes over as brave and honest more than a sweet little thing and can certainly write.xoxox

    You’re right Pat but I was worried about a temporary dip in energy. I’ll try not to stress about it any more. I agree Petite Anglaise has a good style and so I was quite disappointed to see adverse criticism on ebay. Sour grapes perhaps?

  4. Little old me Says:

    They come to see you, not your home. Take no notice.

    Thanks Helen. I’ll just do what’s necessary and blow the rest.

  5. What a week so far « Says:

    […] what about our visitors […]

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