The Library Opens

library01Apparently there was an official opening last week with ceremonial cutting of ribbons and, no doubt, copious servings of champagne, but I didn’t go because I didn’t know in advance.

When I turned up to help last Friday, Isabelle said,

“I didn’t see you at the opening. Couldn’t you come?”

It seems she had announced it when I wasn’t there.

Never mind, the all important opening to the public was today and Bear and I decided to pop in after the hairdresser had been to perform a long overdue haircut on the pair of us.

So we arrived just after three and found Isabelle in lone estate, working at her desk.

“Oh, I expected to see some customers”.

“People are probably working” she smiled.

“How many customers have you had so far then?”

“Just one – and now you two.” she replied.

She decided that she didn’t need to see any proof of identity and we perused the shelves, which are now just about full, and chose the books we wanted to borrow.

library02The library looks bright and inviting and the children’s corner is equipped for ‘Storytime’ every Wednesday afternoon.  There’s a strong possibility I may be able to do some English with small groups if it’s not forbidden by some law or other.

My friend who is an administrative assistant at a local primary school is not (officially) allowed to interact with the children though she does help the little ones put their coats on and tie up their shoes. The fact that her English is far better than that of the teacher employed to teach it means nothing and she’s not permitted to help at all. So we’ll have to see if there are objections to my doing a spot of voluntary teaching at the Bibliotheque.

Changing the subject to the forthcoming municipal elections,(on March 9th)  it seems that canvassing is not taken very seriously in our village. The outgoing Mayor’s representatives rang the bell one evening last week and I invited them in.

It was raining quite hard so they came in gladly. But they refused to sit down and politely declined a coffee or anything stronger. It seemed the last thing they expected was a discussion. After handing us a colourful paper with the names and photos of everyone on the list (15 in all) and a resumé of their achievements they hastily took their leave.

The second ‘list’ was presented even more rapidly. Two ladies rang, I opened, they handed me an envelope, said 

“Here’s an alternative list for you, Good evening.” and disappeared into the night.

As for the third ‘list’ we haven’t seen it except in the local paper. And a strange bunch they are too, according to the photo, looking as though they’re just back from a trek across muddy fields instead of ready to take on the running of a village. I showed my neighbour (who hasn’t had a copy of their list either).

“What a bunch of ‘cons’ ” she said.


4 Responses to “The Library Opens”

  1. Keith Says:

    Me first!

    But has the childrens section got any English learning books? The childrens library here hasn’t got books for learning French, but there are beginners books for Hindi, Polish, Romanian and Russian! AND there are books in other languages for learning English.

    I deliberately went to have a look. I asked the assistant why there were no books on French (There was one on German) and she said that the authorities felt that the eastern european and asian languages would be of more use to the children when they grew up!

    Vive la Pakistan!

  2. Eric Hundin Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Eric Hundin

    Thank you, Eric and welcome.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    You bet there are books in English – for primary and secondary age and also for adults, (guess who was responsible for that) ad Isabelle has subscribed to a magazine to help with learning English.

  4. john.g. Says:

    Hi, Sandy, I hope the locals make use of their new library. It looks better than our nearest one!

    think they just need to publicise it and then people might come

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