Rubbish collection.

There seems to be alot of concern in the UK about cutting down on rubbish collection. So that’s another reason to be grateful we live in France.

Although we live in a village there are two collections every week; one for recycled and one for ‘normal’ rubbish. Transparent bags for the former are provided by the Mairie but you have to buy your own black bags.  “Green Waste” is disposed of in a huge skip and glass is taken to the bottle banks (three of them around the village).

There is only one ‘downside to this excellent service: we have to pay according to the number of people in the household, but it helps me feel less guilty when we put out five dustbin bags on a Thursday night ready to be collected early on Friday.

old_stuffNow, what about the times when you want to get rid of a fridge or something big? Well that is taken care of very easily. In the past there were two ‘Monster Collections’ a year when you were allowed two cubic metres of stuff per household provided nothing was too heavy to be lifted by two men.

trash_truckNow, however, you have to telephone Emmaus or Bell ‘Occas, two charities which undertake to collect just about anything. They then clean and repair it for resale, if appropriate, or dispose of it by proper means. All profits go to the homeless or handicapped.

I have given various things to Emmaus in the past but my neighbour persuaded me to try Bell’Occas this week because they work with the home for the handicapped where her daughter is looked after.

CC and I have been sorting out the Summer kitchen. We repainted it and decided to throw out the old fridge, gas cooker (which we never use) and microwave. We also sorted through the linen cupboard and filled three dustbin bags with sheets and towels which were surplus to requirements.

Bell’Occas came today and two hefty fellows carried the stuff through the house to their van.

new_stuffNow we can get on with Spring cleaning the conservatory and deciding how to rearrange the Summer kitchen.


11 Responses to “Rubbish collection.”

  1. Little old me Says:

    ‘Now, however, you have to telephone Emmaus or Bell ‘Occas, two charities which undertake to collect just about anything. They then clean and repair it for resale, if appropriate, or dispose of it by proper means. All profits go to the homeless or handicapped.’

    What a good idea.

  2. Keith Says:

    Different to here. If we want to get rid of anything like that we can;

    a) Take it to the recycling centre at own own expense, i.e., hire a van and/or driver.

    b) Take it to “WorkLink”, again at our own expense, where they repair things and give them to the poor families.

    c) Pay a huge sum of money to the Council Waste Dept to take it and dispose of it. (Bear in mind that we pay Council Tax for the removal of rubbish anyway!)

    d) Wait until it’s dark and get a dodgy friend, or a gypsy, to take it down the lanes on a dark night and throw it into the ditch.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Indeed, Keith, those policies encourage fly-tipping don’t they? The French do have many good ideas but their paperwork is still a pain in the proverbial.

  4. Keith Says:

    Ah yes, but the Council have spent vast amounts of money installing video cameras on vandal-proof (?) poles in all the local areas where fly-tipping takes place. If they catch anybody with them the person then has his wrist slapped and told not to do it again! Can’t fault them! Brilliant!

    It didn’t occur to them to stop charging large sums for people to take their big items to the tip, then people wouldn’t fly-tip and they wouldn’t need all those cameras.

    No matter how many cameras they install people will find somewhere else to tip. Perchance they think that we peasants aren’t intelligent enough to realise this.

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    The problem is, Keith, they don’t care. They just go on paying themselves huge salaries to come up with more expensive but stupid ideas. That’s what politics seems to be about.

  6. Pat Says:

    Times have changed. When I used to visit my friend’s farmhouse in the Dordogne in the sixties we had to get rid of the rubbish ourselves which as far as I remember was throwing it down a big tip. Not very nice!

  7. sablonneuse Says:

    Ah, yes, the sixties, Pat. That was when there were still lots of ‘hole in the ground’ toilets and the electricity and/or water could be cut off in hotels during the afternoons.

  8. tracey lilly Says:

    We are refitting and disposing of old bedroom furniture including a single bed and mattress and are expecting to pay upwards of £50 to legally dump it all

  9. sablonneuse Says:

    Oh dear. But isn’t there an Emmaus in East Anglia now Tracey?

  10. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Our general rubbish collection system in Waveney is very good. We have three ‘wheelie bins’ – black (general rubbish not for recycling), blue (‘dry recycling such as paper, plastic and metal), green (for all green waste). We have recently been given a food waste container with biodegradable bags, which are put in the green bin. Now waiting for a container for glass that still has to go to Tesco’s!


  11. sablonneuse Says:

    That sounds very well organised, Derek. How often do they collect it?

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