Next month sees the elections for all the Maires in France and Bear and I have the right to vote!

Our mayor has lost popularity over the controversial roadworks which have been going on for months. They should have been finished by Christmas but there’s still a long way to go – even now.

travaux2It seems they ran into difficulties with water and gas pipes and as time and cost increased so did the local anger.

The mayor was adamant that his pet project was worth all the time and money. They are laying a magnificent pavement – each brick lovingly knocked in by hand – the main road through the village has new lamp-posts and flower beds and it seems there’s going to be a fountain as well.

travaux1According to him the rise in local taxes (taxe d’habitation) has got nothing to do with this extravagant facelift.

But some of his team disagree and several of them have defected to make up their own ‘liste’ for the election. It’s certainly not as complicated as the American Presidential affair but, in France, each potential mayor draws up a list of people he or she intends to work with. A large town like Charleville has 44 names; our village, with a population  of less than 1500, has 9 on each list.

Now, I’ve not voted for the local council yet, but if I understand correctly you can ‘panacher’ your voting paper by crossing out names on the liste you are voting for and substitituting the equivalent number of names from other lists. As if I’d dare!

travaux3However, it’s going to be difficult when the canvassing starts. The outgoing mayor wants a third term of office to see through his plans and with him are two adjoints whom I like and respect. I also know two of the five ladies on his new list and consider them to be hardworking and very suitable candidates, so, despite seeing both sides of the argument over the ‘travaux’ I feel inclined to vote for this list.

On the other hand, I’ve just learned that a very good friend who lives in our road has attached himself to a rival list. Then there’s the third group, as yet an unknown factor. It will be interesting to see what they all have to say for themselves when they come knocking at our door.


It may be of interest to those of you who blog to submit a post to this proposed book for the charity Warchild.


10 Responses to “Travaux”

  1. tracey lilly Says:

    How long do they serve for?
    Will Bear vote as you do?

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    I’m not sure whether it’s 4 or 5 years but this time they had an extra year so as not to clash with the presidential elections.
    I think Bear is most likely to vote for the present Mayor because he likes him – and he also likes to flirt with Mrs. mayor who is really attractive. We are also on kiss terms with them.

  3. Z Says:

    I think I’d resort to a Gallic shrug of the shoulders. I presume the ballot itself is secret?

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    I should think it’s secret, z, but they have a special voting list for Bear and me – with just our two names – which is brought out on the few occasions we are allowed to vote: (only once so far!)

  5. Keith Says:

    We can’t vote for our Mayor. The Council decide who is going to be the next. It’s a case of “jobs for the boys”!

  6. Keith Says:

    If we could vote I would vote for Tatiana, she has more sense in her little finger that all the Councillors put together. And what’s more she can fly!

  7. sablonneuse Says:

    Mmmm, a fairy for Maire. Well, why not? She’s pretty good at photos on posts.

  8. Pat Says:

    Lord preserve us from politicians with pet projects!
    I don’t envy you but I’m sure you will make a sensible decision.

  9. sablonneuse Says:

    Canvassing starts next week Pat. It should be interesting.

  10. Invited to Lunch « Says:

    […] the main road into the village has been properly re-surfaced. They are still working on the major facelift but we can now came and go by car without risking  the […]

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