New Loo (part 2)

On the way back Pascal started tapping on his mobile. They are getting very strict about phoning while driving here so I was doublely nervous – a possible accident and/or a fine.

Anyway, he was asking a friend if he could borrow his trailer so we stopped off to get it and then came home to unload. As  expected, Bear did not approve of my choice of toilet but we tried it in place and I thought it looked quite good.

After making careful measurements Pascal marked out a trench in the garage and then produced an electric cutter.

toilet2.jpg“You’ll have to ‘water’ the blade as I go.” he said handing me the hosepipe. The noise and dust were horrendous.

“I’ll need Jay to help me this afternoon,” he announced, “to fetch some more wood for you and then shovel the concrete into the trailer.”

Jay was not ecstatic about his enforced labourer’s job but he worked with a will and by 4.30 the trench was dug, the drain laid and he was able to put back the earth. The broken concrete and slabs of stone they had dug up were  piled in the trailer and Pascal  talked of going to see a builder friend of his to offload our rubbish and scrounge some cement as the packet we had in the garden shed had gone solid.

They were back just before five with the news that the builder wasn’t home.

“We’ll have to go and buy some cement.” said Pascal.

toilet3.jpgOff we went to a supplier where he was known. We went into the office to pay and then took the receipt to a man outside who was obviously a mate. He loaded the the trailer with ‘stoney sand’, Pascal helped himself to a few shovelsworth of something else and then they added a bag of cement. You could feel the weight of the trailer as we drove home.

The latest ‘shopping’ was parked in the garage overnight and Pascal was back to concrete the trench on Sunday morning. He had to take the trailer back to his mate so he dumped the unused  sandy stones in a heap front of the garage, had a beer and went off for lunch, saying he’d be back one evening to finish off.

garden.jpgCC, Jay and I had the job of shovelling the little mountain of sand into bags and transporting most of it to the back garden where we created a base for me to put pots for growing herbs. I’m just hoping the cats don’t decide it would serve as a giant litter tray.


5 Responses to “New Loo (part 2)”

  1. Keith Says:

    That is the biggest sand tray I have ever seen! All the cats in the village will think it’s “the public loo for pussy cats”!

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Well, so far there haven’t been any major scratchings. I’ll just have to buy some large containers to put on it a.s.a.p.

  3. Pat Says:

    Why does Pascal need you with him to buy cement?

  4. tracey lilly Says:

    All round it’s been a bit of a ‘bum’ job then!

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    You could say that, Tracey.

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