From the local Rag

In the local paper  this week there were two articles which I found interesting.

One concerned an incident on a school bus. The driver was ‘agressé’ (but it wasn’t clear whether this was verbal or physical), and the entire bus company held a  strike of school transport in protest.  In other words, they are not prepared to tolerate any form of misconduct among school children.  Good for them!

The second was about the ‘Doyenne de notre region’ – a lady who was celebrating her 110th birthday. She had lived with her daughter and son-on-law (ages 87 and 90) for the last 40 years and was still mentally alert though not very physically active.

She was widowed at the tender age of 32 and  never remarried. Her life revolves round her five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 14 great-great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-great-grandchildren, the youngest of whom is 4, and they all gathered round to watch her blow out the candles on her cake and toast her longevity with champagne.

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